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Formation Landscaping is a boutique Vancouver landscaping construction and design business specializing in the build of garden makeovers.

We provide full service from start to finish, with our team of experienced landscape designers, contractors and construction professionals, we are able to create original and unique outdoor spaces.

Our professional team will construct the hardscape, design any features, install optimal plants, and find the right irrigation and lighting to suit your needs and support your space.

Outdoor Patio and Garden


We're passionate about creating designer, outdoor spaces.



We work with residential and commercial clients, as well as collaborate with other design professionals, developers, stratas, and businesses on a variety of projects that reflect diverse design themes and styles.


We provide clear communication and quality craftsmanship, to deliver on client expectations focusing on attention to detail, budget, and time lines.



We love a challenge when it comes to building or repairing an interesting structure.


We focus on:

Custom Carpentry:

Fences, decks, arbours, sheds, furniture, boxes, and playstructures.


Patios, walkways, retaining walls, and water features.


Turf, trees, shrubs, planters, soils, mulch, and artificial turf.


Project Management

We know our limitations when it comes to the work we love, so if a project calls for it we'll coordinate the right expert to get the result you're looking for.


We have experience working with other trades, engineers, boards, permitting bodies and inspectors. 

Recent Projects

Raised Yard and Driveway

Back Entrance and Deck

Back Entrance and Deck

Sunken Patio

Sunken Patio

East Van Courtyard

East Van Courtyard

Terraced Front Entrance

Terraced Front Entrance

Jagged Patio

Jagged Patio


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